Better Together: The Advantages of group Exercise

Group Exercise classes provide much more than cardio regimens and shouts of encouragement. The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch Group Exercise program is a series of one-hour classes offering a variety of health benefits, fitness diversity, social opportunities and psychological support. 

Article and photography by Kelsey Grudle

From Cardio Resistance Training and Yoga to Indoor Cycling and Pilates Reformer classes, the Group Exercise schedule has something for everyone, and fitness professionals that will encourage, challenge and guide you every step of the way. Whether you are new to exercise or already have an avid workout schedule, there are great advantages in exercising with a group. 

Health Benefits

There is power in working out in groups. Overall, exercise is known to have many health benefits including improving sleep, reducing stress levels, gaining strength and increasing mental alertness and energy levels. Research also shows that exercising with a group of people increases social bonding, produces a higher pain tolerance and boosts your competitive drive, creating an increase in your athletic performance. So, whether you are surrounded by cyclists or breathing together in yoga, working out with a group of people allows you to perform better and push yourself harder.


A well-rounded fitness program alleviates boredom and allows exposure to new kinds of exercise. The Club’s Group Exercise schedule offers a variety of workout styles and opportunities. Year-round classes such as Yoga, Indoor Cycling and Pilates Reformer are consistently available, and during the summer, seasonal classes such as Paddle Board Yoga and Aqua Zumba in the Cordillera Ranch Pool are offered. Each month the schedule changes as new classes or once-a-month master classes are added. This May, we are introducing a new Pilates Tower Flow class which will bring a more deliberate pace than traditional Pilates Reformer classes. As the Fitness Center renovation nears completion, we look forward to introducing small Group Exercise classes on the Precor Queenax®, a unique and functional bodyweight training system.

Social Opportunities

Attending a Group Exercise class may be the motivation you need to get out and meet people in our community. It’s more fun exercising in a group setting than working out on your own, and Group Exercise classes are a wonderful place to meet people who have similar lifestyle goals and needs. It’s an easy way to make new friends, have good conversations and discuss exciting accomplishments with other participants before and after classes.

Motivational and Accountability Support  

A group environment can provide a sense of belonging, social support and accountability. You may find that exercising with a group puts you in contact with people at the same fitness level as you and with similar fitness goals. Plus, a group setting may help you stay accountable to your own exercise regimen, and once you start working out with a group of people, you might develop relationships that keep you coming back in support of yourself and your fellow friends. Our team of fitness professionals are also here to guide, challenge, encourage and support you throughout the classes.

The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch fitness team encourages you to give a class a try and see how wonderful the benefits of working out in a group setting can be. Look for the Group Exercise schedule posted each month or visit The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch website to view the online fitness calendar.

Kelsey Guzman is the Recreation Manager at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at 830.446.2712 or

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