Austen Dailey

Assistant Golf Professional 

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Family Status/Members: Single, no kids 

Where did you go to school?

I attended The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and my major was Sports Management. 

Did you play golf in college?

I did, yes. I started playing the game when I was 10 years old. By the time I was 15, I was winning some junior events and won the High School California State Championship my junior year. I finished that year ranked the #3 junior in the state of California, and that led to a scholarship at UAB. My goal was to always play professional golf and I was lucky enough to turn professional after college to pursue it.  

How long did you play professionally?

I played professionally for 10 years, mostly on the mini tours in California as well as Q — Schools, Korn Ferry Tour and PGA Tour Monday Qualifiers. I eventually got burnt out with the travel and constant practice, and made the decision to be a club pro.  

What was your favorite course to play?

My favorite course to play in college was Shoal Creek in Birmingham — that’s where our home event was played and we used the course for team qualifying as well. My favorite professional event was always the Long Beach Open because it was close to home, I got to stay with my parents and they were able to watch me play.  

 What do you love about the golf business?

A bunch of things! First, I get to be at the golf course all day! Secondly, I really enjoy the company of all my coworkers. Getting to build relationships with the members is a part of the job that goes unmatched in any other industry, and I get to give back to a game that has provided me with so much!

Do you have a mentor who has guided you through your career?

I never had a mentor. There were plenty of people that helped me along the way financially with sponsorships. My swing coach Bryan Lebedevitch helped me develop the mentality to where I felt I was good enough to be on the PGA Tour.

What are your professional goals?

I am currently in the PGA Program working towards my Class A credential. I want to work my way up to a Head Golf Professional and then a Director of Golf. Also, I want to qualify for the PGA National Championship and play well enough to qualify for the PGA Championship.  

How did you become employed at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch?

One of my high school teammates played college golf with Corey Roberson, the Director of Golf, and put the two of us in contact. This was right around the same time I was looking to make the change to the business side of golf and it all just worked out.  

What has been your most rewarding professional experience?

I think, just in general, getting to travel the country and play professional golf. I’ve been able to see many different places, different people and different cultures. I think that will really help me going forward in the golf business.  

What has been your greatest personal challenge?

I would say it was making the decision to quit playing professional events. To make the transition from playing to the golf business side of things was something I really took time to think about and make sure it was the best move for me. 

Anything that would surprise others about yourself?

Other than golf, my other passion is music. If I wasn’t in golf, I would be doing something music related.

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