Are We There Yet? Well, Hello There, 2021!

Kris Cracknell
Photography By:
Kelsey Grudle

The rise of uncertainty and dismantling of regular routines for a good part of 2020 had us all off track. We wondered if and when our kids would go back to school. Is football season happening? And what day is it? Add to that home schooling, home offices and home-bound families, and it’s not surprising that workout routines fell apart, even for the most committed fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re rebuilding your workout routine or building new habits, being consistent and specific about your intentions is a great first step into the new year. Life keeps moving and so should you!

At The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch, the Spa and Fitness Club is here to partner with you on your quest for wellness. Each of our team members have extensive training in our specialized areas and all of us are dedicated to helping foster a healthy community. No person escaped the challenges of 2020. It’s taken a toll on our collective mental and physical health. 

So, if your motivation to exercise during the pandemic has been as elusive as toilet paper or antibacterial wipes, you 

are not alone.

If you’ve been thinking about getting back to that spin class, put on your shoes. Kevin is ready for you. If your heightened emotions have you in need of a recalibration of the mind and body, join us Saturday mornings for a Gentle Yin Yoga class. Looking for a good time, great music and a guaranteed smile while you sweat? Come to Dance Fitness class! To un-wreck your neck and the rest of your spine, get realigned with an Eldoa class with Kelly. And speaking of alignment, if you’re still wondering if Pilates is right for you or even how you do it, please, for the love of 2021, reach out to me or stop me in the hall. It is my absolute pleasure to talk with members about my favorite subject (yes, it really is Pilates). The Club offers group Pilates classes five days a week and a variety of other classes six days a week.

There are many ways to sustain our health and well-being. If private workouts feel like a better fit for you, each of us are here and available to help guide you through safe, effective and inspiring workouts. These personalized, one-on-one sessions can be done in person or virtually.

Well-being doesn’t end with physical health. Maintaining a healthy mind is necessary to round out your wellness journey. Lisa and Amanda provide therapeutic massage that reduces stress and anxiety along with pain and stiffness. If you need a customized skin treatment, our new esthetician JoAnn can create a skincare regimen unique to each member.

Changes in daily routines, coping with added anxiety, boredom and isolation can all negatively impact diet, physical health and mental well-being. When considering your 2021 goals, maintaining optimism may be more important than ever before and factors heavily into your motivation to move. The next time you feel like you don’t have energy to exercise, try shifting your focus to how you’ll feel once you’ve completed your workout. Although it may take a little more than the usual effort to either ramp back up to pre-pandemic pace or to create and adjust to new fitness routines, know that you have all the resources and support right here at the Club.

We look forward to a healthy and much happier 2021! We are stronger together!

The fitness and spa professionals at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch are ready to help members and their guests achieve their goals and cater to their needs. To learn more about the benefits of adding group exercise, Pilates, personal training, massage therapy or skincare to your wellness program, contact our fitness and spa professionals below.

Tamra Christiansen
Fitness & Wellness Director

Kelly Vizzone
Yoga Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

Natalie Sales
Group Exercise Instructor

Kris Cracknell, NCPT
Master Pilates Instructor

Mike Miller
Personal Trainer

Kevin Durio 
Personal Trainer

Lisa Geiman

Amanda Rebollar

JoAnn Rangel

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