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[button color=”silver”] By Brad Evers, Executive Chef The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch [/button]

It has been a pleasure and a challenge working at Cordillera over the last six months. Hopefully everyone has seen positive changes during this time. The comments and comment cards have been flattering to me and the culinary team, especially about our new Ranch Menu. The weekly feature menu has been well received and the wine dinners have been a great success. The guest chef lunch with Chef Iverson Brownell and his Cancer Prevention Cuisine last month was a big hit. One of the difficult aspects of cancer is the mystery of its origin. Many researchers are suggesting a substantial amount of the foods we eat are contributing to this disease. So what’s the answer? Sourcing out natural solutions – fresh fish, locally sourced poultry, game, pork, farm-to-table vegetables and fruit, adding spices, and food combinations. The simple goal is to find ways to incorporate this into our daily diet and making sure that it meets the palates of our Members.

My philosophy has been to use the freshest ingredients available seasonally and as close to local as possible. Our ability to change menus more often gives us a genuine ability to offer the freshest ingredients. We are flying in the freshest fish we can find from the Gulf, the East Coast and Hawaii. With our point of sale system we can pinpoint exactly what items are selling gives us the advantage to keep our Signature Dining Menu fresh. Our Club garden is already producing a nice crop of romaine. The broccoli, leeks, and Brussel sprouts are also looking good. The warm season vegetables have been planted and I expect quite a bounty, with over 200 pounds of tomatoes, squash, eggplants, broccoli, peppers and many others. Later in the year we are looking forward to a good amount of assorted melons as well.

We have good news for our gluten intolerant Members. We now have gluten-free pasta, hamburger buns, and pizza crusts that both taste great and match the dietary needs of Cordillera’s growing community. We will continue to find more of these items and hopefully we can let you know as they arrive. Please feel free to call us with your requests. We only ask that you give us at least 72 hours to meet your requests.

We are very pleased to offer a wide variety of fresh baked goods for special occasions. We offer beautiful cookies, birthday cakes, cupcakes, pies, fresh baked scones and much more. Again, please try to place your special orders one week in advance.

We are finalizing a new Men’s Grill menu and a new Casual Pool Menu. Finally, a la carte numbers have increased substantially over last year, a great sign we are heading in the right direction meeting the expectations of our Members.

The management and owners have been more than helpful with my equipment requests. These improvements should help speed up our production efficiencies and to keep up with the dietary trends.

Finally, I must mention Chef de Cuisine Isaac Cantu. Many of these positive changes are due to him. Every executive chef needs a right-hand-man and Isaac is the best I have ever worked with. He is beyond talented, driven to succeed and a total pleasure to work with.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club!

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