A New Addition at the Spa

By Ashley Clark

As a Master Lash Technician and Licensed Esthetician, all of my work is based on the sole purpose of making my clients look absolutely radiant — the right way. Classic, Volume and  Hybrid Eyelash Extension Services are truly an art form that must be properly mastered in today’s beauty industry, and after nearly five years of extensive experience in the Boerne and Greater San Antonio areas, I am privileged to be introduced as a new addition to the Spa Team at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. 

Since the beginning of my career, it has always been my goal to artistically transform my clients’ lashes by specifically customizing each individual session so that every end result leaves them feeling especially beautiful. My extreme passion for esthetic beauty compels me every day to provide only top-quality eyelash extension services that are safe, healthy and long-lasting. By working with some of the best adhesive, lash extension and product brands in the business, I guarantee my services will leave you feeling nothing short of completely satisfied, whether you are looking for a new everyday look or something fit for a special occasion. My eyelash extension services will also allow for more relaxing personalized sessions in the comfort and convenience of the Cordillera Ranch community. I provide a variety of services that are tailored specifically to your individual lifestyle demands, while fulfilling all of your lash goals.

Looking for something natural yet still beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. The revolutionary Classic Flat Lash procedure allows for a single synthetic, light-weight, one-to-one lash extension to be applied to your natural lash resulting in a very lovely one-to-three coat mascara look. This style is great for all eye shapes and meant for most lash types.

I use current and advanced techniques in order to give each client the look that fits them the best. My Volume 6D Lashes are of the highest quality and are premade of elegant silk. They provide the most popular, stunning, fullest and longest-lasting lash style that I have available. By applying a very fine, single, lightweight, six-lash fan to one natural lash, this service results in a three-to-four coat mascara look. This set is designed for any eye shape and all lash types.

I love contributing something extra to clients whenever they need it. My trendy, specialty Hybrid Lashes utilize an alternating pattern application technique by applying a combination of both synthetic individual extensions and silk 6D fanned Volume lashes to your natural lashes. Hybrid services also allow for the most room to navigate extremely customized looks such as the much sought-after “point-tip” applications. This style is meant for all eye shapes and most lash types.

Furthermore, I also provide convenient refill options. If you have ever had or currently have eyelash extensions, you know that there are times when life just happens and getting to your lash refill appointment can be stressful. At the Clubhouse Spa, a standard one-hour refill is available along with beneficial extended refill options. This concept allows for you to add more time during your lash extension refill without having the expenditure of a new full set. Additional details are readily available during your consultation performed prior to your scheduled appointment.  

Are you ready to start your lash journey? Contact me today and get the perfect look you’ve always wanted. I look forward to my journey here at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch and I am ready to help members live a better and more beautiful life!

Ashley Clark is the Master Lash Technician and Licensed Esthetician at The Clubs at Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at 210.607.9528 or aclark4321@gvtc.com.

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