2022 At the Golf Club

By Corey Roberson, Director of Golf

Our 2022 Golf Calendar is very similar to our layout from 2021 with one exception: The El Compadre Member-Member will be moved to March instead of its 2021 date in May. We hope this change will capture a bigger field and open up the golf course a little more for regular play in the month of May.

One major update for 2022 will be the addition of live scoring for every event. Starting with the 2022 MGA Kickoff Scramble, one player in each group will be identified as the group score keeper. This player will be responsible for entering the group’s gross scores. Inside the mobile Golf Genius app, players will be able to see where their strokes fall for the given format and view a live leaderboard to see how you stand against the competition. We’ve had the ability to do live scoring for a handful of years, but it was slow and cumbersome. Over the last couple years, the technology has gotten faster and more streamlined to the point where this will be a nice benefit to our members playing in events at Cordillera Ranch.
I’ll see you on the course in 2022!

Corey Roberson is the Director of Golf for The Clubs of Cordillera
Ranch. He can be reached at croberson@cordilleraranch.com or 830.336.4653.

2022 Golf Club Calendar

MGA – Kickoff, January 22
Couples Putting, February 12
Match Play, Starts March 1
El Compadre Member-Member, March 4-5
•• Aerify Greens, March 7-9
CWGA – St. Patrick’s Day, March 16
Couples Golf, March 20
Azalea Invitational, April 8
CWGA – Fiesta, April 13-14
Couples Golf, April 24
C-Star Member-Guest, April 28-30
Couples Golf, May 15
Ranch Round-Up, May 17-19
MGA – Salute to Summer, June 4
CWGA – Lone Star Cup, June 8
Senior Club Championship, June 11-12
Junior Club Championship, June 11-12
Couples Day, June 26
Patriot Partnership, July 4
•• Aerify/Verticut Fairways & Tees, July 18-25
Couples Golf, September 11
Ladies’ Club Championship, September 14-15
Men’s Club Championship, September 16-18
Cordillera Cup, October 1-2
•• Aerify Greens, October 10-12
Couples Golf, October 16
CWGA – Halloween, October 26-27
MGA Cup / Fall Stableford, October 29
CWGA – Points Race Final, November 2
La Familia, November 5
Couples Golf, November 13
CWGA – Turkey Shoot, November 16
MGA – Turkey Shoot, November 19
The Gauntlet, December 2
CWGA – Holiday Hoopla, December 7
Couples Golf, December 11

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