2020 Year-End Review

Well, where do I start when taking a look back at 2020?!

It certainly was one of the most difficult years any of us have ever seen with COVID-19 and how it has affected so many families across the world. However, with all of the chaos taking place with the pandemic and recent presidential election, we saw The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch continue to thrive and even saw record-setting participation levels and growth throughout the year.

Here are some highlights from 2020:

The game of golf once again became popular! We had not seen anything like this since Tiger Woods came on the scene, won the 1997 Masters and the game exploded. Members realized that golf was one of the few things they could do safely and enjoy outside of the home so we saw a huge increase in rounds played, with many new players taking up the game as well. The golf course and Practice Park were busier than ever and it was great to see so many people playing golf.  

We opened our second unit at The Lodges in March and have received wonderful reviews from our members and guests who have stayed there. The new Georg unit has four deluxe, private rooms and a great room in the middle of the complex that is perfect for families and groups that are looking for a central gathering area to enjoy time together. We continue to focus on The Lodges and are always looking for new ways to make it a great experience. If you have not yet taken advantage of this awesome amenity, I encourage you to pick a weekend and come and stay with us.  

The pool area was once again very busy this year and remains a popular area for families during the summer months. As that facility is now almost 15 years old, we recently completed all new resurfacing of the four pools and they look fantastic.  

Thanks to so many of you who have continued to support our Food and Beverage operation at the Club. This year brought lots of new challenges with limited seating and constant changes from state officials regarding what restaurants could and could not do. It was great to see our team adapt and look for new ways to serve our members. This past year, for the first time, we introduced home delivery to residents that live in the community. This was huge at the time because so many of our members just wanted to stay in or had very few other dining options. We also started a program called the C-Star Marketplace that allowed our members the ability to purchase staple grocery store items right here at the Club rather than fight lines at the local grocery store. We still have a few members that take advantage of this service today. Chef Isaac and the culinary team, as well as Graham House and the service team, have done a remarkable job and are continuing to create great dining experiences for our members.  

Finally, our Director of Fitness and Wellness, Tamra Christiansen, was hired in September and is doing a good job of getting to know our members’ fitness needs and desires. It has been great to see some of the new things she continues to introduce and, most importantly, her Personal Training presence on the floor each day.  

Despite all of the numerous challenges of this past year, I am very proud of the team for hanging in there during what seemed to be constant operational change. They have had a great attitude and we have been fortunate to keep so many of our key employees during these strange times. Thank you to all of our members who have supported the Club in so many ways and continue to utilize the wonderful amenities that Cordillera Ranch has to offer.

We wish you a very Happy and Blessed New Year in 2021!

Marc DeWall, PGA, is the General Manager of The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at mdewall@cordilleraranch.com or 830.336.9000.

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