2020 C-Star Member-Guest Recap

The 2020 C-Star Member-Guest was played October 8 to 10 and consisted of 120 players (60 members and 60 guests). On Thursday, we kicked off the event with a practice round followed by an 18-hole putting competition on the golf course. Despite a lot of tough putts, three teams tied for first shooting 1-under par 35 (every hole is a par 2). On Thursday evening, everyone gathered at the pool for a churrasco-style dinner and a few entertaining activities like axe throwing. The real part of the tournament started on Friday where each team played three 9-hole matches. While golfers were on the course, their wives enjoyed a Ladies’ Day Out, and everyone met that evening for a Lobster Fest. On Saturday, we finished with two 9-hole matches and the Lonestar Shootout. The 10 Flight winners advanced to the Lonestar Shootout where we played five holes and eliminated two teams on each hole. There were two teams left standing on #18 — Aldon Williams and Ray Iler vs. Jeff Smith and Vance Smith. Ray and Jeff both smoked their tee shots down the middle of the fairway. From there, Aldon tugged a 5-iron into the left bunker and Vance stuffed a wedge to about five feet. Ray played the bunker shot to seven feet and Aldon missed the par putt. All Jeff needed to do was lag his birdie putt down there for the win — instead, he buried it. Jeff Smith and Vance Smith earned the title of 2020 C-Star Champions, celebrating at the C-Star Awards Party that evening.

2020 C-Star Results
Congratulations to Overall Champions
Jeff Smith and Vance Smith

Dan Hansen / George McKeen
Philip Earnest / Jason Evans

Jeff Smith / Vance Smith
Chris Hill / Rusty Beldon

Hill Country
Aldon Williams / Ray Iler
Barry Denton / Brett Denton

Rodney Morgan / Jimmy LeDoux
Richard Jackson / Rick Derauf

Ken Nibling / Gary Dove
Bubba Strait / Bubba Haney

Glenn Emery / Mark Descrochers
John Kester / Jeff Gibbons

Tony Coleman / Paul Crumley
Barry Harkness / Mike Harkness

David Hill / David Glenn
Jay Harpole / Nick Altomare

Zane Price / Brett Lewis
Todd Dunn / Steven Stockseth

David Watts / David Brimager
Jason West / Mike Norwood

Shootout Champions
Jeff Smith / Vance Smith
Aldon Williams / Ray Iler
Zane Price / Brett Lewis

Champions Flight – Guadalupe
Webb/Burke – Hill/Beldon – Rickel/Egan – Fuquay/Fuquay – Chalmers/Bain

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