2015 C-Star Member-Guest Recap

What an incredible finish to the C-Star Member-Guest tournament last fall! David Garcia and DeeTiller captured the championship this year with a stunning Shoot-Out victory. They defeated General Paul Hester and his guest Vince Evans on the last hole when David sunk an uphill 12 footer for the win. This came after General Hester made an uphill 20 foot putt to force David to make! We had the usual drama throughout the Shoot-Out as this particular format lends itself to a ton of excitement and fun for all of the teams participating as well as the spectators! Congratulations to all of the flight winners! The excursion up to Dave Pelz’s home in Dripping Springs was well received and it was great to hear all of the positive feedback from everyone. Thanks to everyone who played and supported the tournament this year.

Marc DeWall, PGA, is the Director of Golf at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at mdewall@cordilleraranch.com or 830.336.4653.

Overall Champions David Garcia and Dee Tiller

First Flight
1st Joe McCart/Gary Atterbury
T2nd Trey Hallmark/Scott Bailey
T2nd Josh Beckett/Brett Wetterich

Second Flight
1st Chris Hill/Stephen Greak
2nd Brooks Kieschnick/Raymond Topp

Third Flight
1st Larry Smith/Drew Smith
2nd Dan Blake/Dwayne Garrett

Fourth Flight
1st Phil Turrurro/Mike Hermann
2nd Ken Nibling/Gary Dove

Fifth Flight
1st James Sherwood/Kevin Finger
T2nd Jeff Smith/Mark Toon
T2nd Jack Sweeny/Joe Rhodes

Sixth Flight
1st Doyle Dommert/Bill Struebing
2nd Greg Hale/Joel Galassini

Seventh Flight
1st Paul Hester/Vince Evans
2nd Grant Thompson/Stephen Clapp

Eighth flight
1st Carl Robinson/Randy Dean
2nd Rodney Rice/Mike Needham

Ninth Flight
1st David Garcia/Dee Tiller
2nd Larry Robinson/Jon Jani

Tenth Flight
1st Robert Hobbs/Jerry Hobbs
2nd Mike Trevino/Robert Baldwin

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